Saturday, January 9, 2010

What's the Next Court a Protective Parent will Find Themselves in After Family Court?

The Battered Mothers Custody Conference 2010 Day One & Two - part two

This country was built on the free enterprise system, but is family court taking things too far? This will vary from state to state, but for the poor and indigent, says Renee Beeker, a protective parent and long-time veteran of the family court holocaust, "family court will cost approximately $40 per hour with about 3 to 4 hours total in getting the case resolved." But…hold onto your hat folks…if a protective parent is not poor or indigent here is approximately what she (or he) can expect:

  • $250+ pr hr Attorney for the mother 
  • $200+ pr hr for Guardian Ad Litum (or more for attorney for the child) 
  • $240 pr hr for private negotiations 
  • $125 pr hr for counseling for the child 
  • $125 pr hr for counseling for the mother 
  • $125 pr hr for counseling for the father 
  • $125 pr hr for parenting coordinator 
  • $200 pr hr for mediation if parties can agree (-Vs- 15,000 if they can’t) 
  • $75++ pr hr for a visitation supervisor 
  • $75++ Child Therapist
 In some states add:
  • Psychological Evaluation (up to $20,000) 
  • Re-unification therapy (125+ pr hr)
  • Sexual Abuse Evaluation ( $200 pr hr)
“What’s the next court a protective mom is going to find herself in after family court?” says Beeker, “Bankruptcy Court!”

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