Monday, July 5, 2010

Annihilate Family Court

Family court reforms are urgently needed, but this monster doesn't just need to be reformed, it needs to die altogether. Is anybody pushing to get rid of family court entirely? If they are, can anyone tell me who?

Phyllis Schlafly, who wrote the Father's Day article,  "The Awesome Power of Family Courts"  is a powerful evangelical who is an enemy of women, but she is right about family court (I just wish she would advocate for "parents" instead of "fathers" She is very much in bed with the father supremist camp).

Schlafly's article is one reason I invited Janice Levinson, co-founder with Lundy Bancroft of the   Protective Mother's Alliance International to speak at the  Seneca Falls 2 Evangelical Woman's Rights Convention to be held in Orlando, FL later this month. It is a rotten shame that Phyllis Schlafly's voice is so loud and respected among evangelicals, and protective and/or non-custodial parents are not getting the support they need within that group. I want to see all of the above changed.

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