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African American child denied protection because she has a white father

Below is a copy of a letter mailed to the President today:

Dear President Obama,

I am writing to ask you to intervene on behalf of Ariana-Leilani, an African-American, German-American child who resides in Washington, D.C., and is being denied medical treatment for Severe Chronic Neutropenia. She has been diagnosed with this potentially fatal disease but to date has received no treatment for it. 

An excerpt taken from Case 1:11-cv-01124-JSG Document 24 Filed 04/13/12 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Civil Action No. 1:11-cv-001124-JSG to the Honorable Judge James S. Gwin, states that:

3. To date, ALMA has not received independent medical and psychological examinations, as requested by the German Government through the German Embassy for its’ child citizen, ALMA, to determine the underlying cause of ALMA’s life threatening Severe Chronic Neutropenia.

4. To date, ALMA has not received the recommended treatment of GCSF medicine that boosts the immunity of a person suffering from Severe Chronic Neutropenia, leaving her unnecessarily vulnerable to clandestine common infection, which can kill its victims within hours sometimes with little or no typical outward warning symptoms.

5. During the course of her four years of unnecessarily suffering with Severe Chronic Neutropenia, ALMA has endured lesions, infections, gingivitis, periodontal disease, loss of teeth, wetting accident during the day and at night, delayed development, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which all can be attributed to the diagnosed but untreated Severe Chronic Neutropenia and/or untreated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

29. ALMA’s father is a Caucasian German Citizen living and working in the US as a neurologist for the United States Veterans Affairs Hospital in the District of Columbia on a marriage visa that expires in 2012. ALMA’s father formerly worked at Medstar Health Georgetown University Hospital. ALMA’s Mother and the ALMA’s father remain married, but estranged and living apart. There is now a divorce proceeding pending in Bayreuth, Germany, where incidental issues, thereto, related to ALMA has been raised. There are no custody orders registered or entered in the District of Columbia, or in Germany, leaving both parents with joint rights in the District of Columbia. ALMA’s Father refused to cooperate when requested by the German Embassy in getting the ALMA free medicine to boost her immunity (“GCSF” aka “neupogen”), and a full independent medical and psychological

80. Defendant DC has discriminated against ALMA’s Mother, who is African-American, in favor of Plaintiff’s Child’s father, who is Caucasian.

In 2010, The German Embassy sent a request to have this child independently tested and to receive medication, but, to date, the father still refuses to allow it, and the Office of Children's issues, U.S. Department of State has not responded favorably to acting on this child’s behalf.

Following is a copy of the letter from the German Embassy sent on August 12, 2010, in regards to Ariana-Leilani:

Ariana-Leilani Margarita Alexandra KING-PFEIFFER
Ref. No, {please cite in response): RK 520, SE King-Pfeiffer

Washington, D.C., August 17, 20I0

Dear Mr. Regan,
Please allow me to bring to your attention and seek your assistance in the case of seven year old Ariana-Leilani KING-PFEIFFER, a child with dual German and American citizenship. She is living with her father, the German national, Dr. Michael Pfeiffer, in Washington, D,C. Her mother, Dr. Ariel King, a U.S. citizen, lives in Germany.

Earlier this year, the NOO Innocence in Danger International has brought serious concerns about possible medical mistreatment and possible sexual abuse of the child by the father to the attention of the Embassy. The concerns related to medical mistreatment, based on the child's extensive medical and school records, and were supported by physicians of the Severe Chronic Neutropenia International Registry and the German NGO Avalon.

The German Embassy so far has had no direct access to the child nor to information from an independent source. As of today, the Embassy has received documentation on the child's case consisting of medical test records from George Washington University Hospital (GWUH), opinions and school health records. Unfortunately, without the consent of the father, who has sole custody, the Embassy has no way of verifying the status of the chiId or the information it has been given.

In any event, the allegations are of such a serious nature that we feel that a fully independent medical examination of the child should be ordered by the competent U.S. authorities. A divorce and custody case is currently pending in Bayreuth, Germany. The mother claims that the father refuses to agree to allow her, or anyone acting on her behalf; to have direct contact with her child, the child's sole treating physician at GWUH, and GWUH itself. The mother is represented by Mr. Roy L. Morris, Esq., Arlington, VA. The father is represented by Mr. Sean W. O'Connell, Arlington, VA.

GWUH health records, which were forwarded to the Embassy, state that the child suffers from Severe Chronic Neutropenia, a medical condition which consists of severely low immunity levels over an extended period of time that leave the child vulnerable to potentially fatal infections.

The Embassy was also provided with opinions from international experts in the field of pediatric hematology who expressed serious concerns for the child's safety. In the opinion of these experts there is a lack of a thorough evaluation of the cause of the medical condition of the child and a lack of an appropriate treatment with a rnedical drug called GCSF which boosts immunity to more normal levels. However, these medical experts have not yet had the possibility to examine the child in person.

The mother believes that the medical condition of the child could have been induced by the administration of a particular psychotropic drug. According to her, the sole treating physician's reports are biased because he is an associate of Dr. Pfeiffer at GWUH, and his reports show inconsistencies with regard to the medical tests and school reports.

The Embassy was informed that Dr. Pfeiffer has been working at GWUH as a physician until 2008. Reportedly he is currently working for the Veteran's Administration Hospital in Washington, D.C.

The report from a guardian ad litem in a past child custody case notes that the child purportedly lives in a one-bedroom apartment with her father. The representative of the mother, Mr. Morris, forwarded documents which include a statement of a clinical psychologist from Maryland who, based on medical records, interviews of the mother, and other documentation, utters her professional opinion in writing that the child Ariana-Leilani " ... continues to be at risk in her current environment of both physical and medical neglect, and likely sexual abuse."

The German Embassy has a legal obligation under Art. 5 of the German Consular Act to support German citizens in need of assistance. A written proposal from the Embassy dated March 30, 2010, to let the child undergo a full independent medical examination on a voluntary basis -- and which costs the mother's health insurance in Germany would cover – has been declined by the father's lawyer, Mr. O'Connell.

So far, the father has refused to communicate with the Embassy directly.

The possibilities of the Embassy are limited to voluntary cooperation and have been exhausted.
The German Embassy would therefore be grateful if the Department of State could take up this matter in order to obtain an independent medical examination of Ariana-Leilani King-Pfeiffer. Once her true health status is clarified, optimal medical care for her seemingly serious medical condition can be ensured.

If you have questions in this matter please do not hesitate to contact me. I am including a list
of points of contact, and a copy of a letter from the University of Washington, Department of Medicine, in this matter for your information.

With many thanks for your support.
Sincerely Yours
Klaus Botzet

Mr. Regan offered no support to either Klaus Botzet or to Ariana-LeIlani. 

Mr. President, my family has served this country for generations. I am the daughter and granddaughter of soldiers, and now the mother of one veteran and one son actively serving in Germany. My Father served this country with valor, was awarded a Purple Heart and a Silver Star, and was buried—In the ground—In Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors in August of 2009. I am proud to possess a document signed by you honoring the memory of my father, expressing gratitude for his service. I appeal to you as my President, as Ariana-Leilani’s President, and as a father to use your influence to help this child.

I thank you for your support in this matter.

Sincerely Yours

Jocelyn Andersen

Additional message to readers: Please sign Ariana-Leilani's petition and consider writing a short follow-up letter to the President  

The petition site is: 

President Barack Obama
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