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United Nations petition deadline for Protective Parents

Our Thanks to Connie Valentine of the CA Protective Parents Association for the following:

The UN is gathering information to identify emerging trends and patterns of injustice and discriminatory practices against women for purposes of policy formulation and development of strategies for the promotion of gender equality.  CA Protective Parents Association sent a letter to the UN regarding civil and human rights violations in family courts.

 Deadline for Petition: August 1, 2012

If you want to submit your case to the UN as an egregious example of human rights violations, please complete and send this template (copy and paste it into a Word document) with supporting document electronically to cp-csw@unwomen.org 
(or CSW Communications Procedure, Human Rights Section, UN Women, 220 East 42nd Street, 17th floor, New York, NY 10017).


Your Name: __________________________________________________________
Your Address: _____________________________________________________ (USA)
Your Email Address: ____________________________________________________
Your Phone Number: ________________
Your Family Court Number: ______________
Your Case: County: __________ State: ___________ USA
Your Family/Divorce Judge(s) Name(s): ______________________________________________________
Were you a victim of domestic violence or marital rape? _____
If yes, please describe the dates and circumstances of the violations, including your injuries, date(s) you were hospitalized or received medical attention:
Please include dates(s) you reported to law enforcement, and what happened as a result of the report(s):

Was there a lack of due diligence by law enforcement to adequately investigate, prosecute and punish the perpetrator(s)?____

Was there a stereotypical attitude towards the role and responsibilities of you as a woman by any professionals in your case? ___ If so, please describe:

Was there discrimination against you under immigration and nationality laws? ___If so, please describe:

Did your child report child physical and/or sexual abuse by her/his father? _____ If so, please describe, including age and gender of the child at the time of the report, specifically what crimes were reported, to whom and by whom, and what happened as a result of the report(s):

Were you advised by advocates or attorneys not to talk about the abuse because the government (family/divorce court) might give custody of the child to the abuser? ______If so, please explain:

Were government officials (court appointees, court employees, judge) told about sexual or physical abuse of the child?

Was your child then placed by the government (family/divorce court judge) with the identified perpetrator of physical and/or sexual abuse for unsupervised visits or full custody? _____
If yes, please describe the date(s) and circumstances:

Were you placed on supervised visits or ordered not to see your child at all? ___
If yes, please describe the date(s) and circumstances:

Were there unethical acts or due process violations in the case? ___ If yes, please describe:
  • You had no attorney when the father had an attorney
  • You were denied the ability to adequately present the case
  • There was no court reporter and no official video or audio tape of the hearing
  • Transcripts were denied, delayed, altered or lost
  • Derogatory remarks were made to you by officials
  • Ex parte communications occurred among professionals
  • Documents were not provided to you, or were provided close to the hearing
  • You or your supporters were ordered by the court not to talk about the case (a violation of the right to freedom of expression)
  • You were threatened or pressured not to file a complaint, or to withdraw a complaint about any of the government officials (appointed or employed) in the case
  • You experienced retaliation
  • Other ___________
Did you go into hiding to protect your child from child molest or battery when the court refused to do so? ___
If yes, were you found and arrested? ___
If yes, how long were you incarcerated and what was the outcome of your trial?
Was your child then placed in the custody of the father who was accused of child molest or battery?

4. Send a letter to the editor of your local paper. Have a friend submit the article for you, if you fear judicial retaliation.

Letter to the Enterprise-Record/Mercury-Register Tuesday, May 8, 2012
Changes needed in family law court
A recently released decision of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights found the United States in violation of human rights due to its biased treatment of women and children, and its failure to provide them with meaningful protection from domestic violence.
This has brought about recent meetings of the Administrative Office of the Courts and California Protective Parents Association along with the Center for Judicial Excellence. As this problem is severe in Butte County, we need the changes here now.
We need the judges to order the restraining orders and the police to protect when called. The police need to write the reports so the district attorney can investigate. Not doing so tells the abusers it's all right to abuse.
Children being murdered is on the rise in the U.S. due to abusers having custody.
Protective parents are labeled "parental alienators" and punished by the courts for their appropriate protective efforts. We need videotaping in family law courts now.
Child attorneys are being sued by young adults for not taking action when told the abuse was happening. Profit was more important.
And to stop the use of minor's counsel as unqualified, they lack degrees in child development and psychology; their recommendations to the court are erroneous.
Each year, 58,000 children are placed at risk for injury because the courts ordered them into unsupervised care of an abusive parent.
See the groups named DVLEAP Custody and Abuse Project, Justice for Children, Stoop Family Violence and the Leadership Council on Child Abuse.
Vickie Van Scyoc, Paradise, CA


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