Monday, March 21, 2016

Governor Scott, Do not lump parents in custody battles in with criminals!

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Dear Governor Scott,

I am all for getting mental health services to those who need them rather than overburdening the criminal justice system, but for heaven's sake why has the issue of child custody between two parents who are not criminals been sandwiched into  House Bill 439 (Senate Bill 604), Mental Health Services in the Criminal Justice System? It does not belong there! This bill will force people who have never committed a crime or given any indication of having mental health problems into the mental health system and force them into "certain mental health programs" just because they are involved in a child custody dispute! That is so unfair to families. Governor Scott, please do not sign this Bill into law until the part about parents and custody disputes is removed.

Thank you
Jocelyn Andersen

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Bill Metz said...

this is so true. i want to broadcast Jocelyn's messages on walk-with-christ-gospel-radio. please contace me at Fred Metz